White Ribbon 2017

White Ribbon Day is held annually on November 25 with events occurring throughout November.

The White Ribbon NZ campaign aims to end men’s violence towards women by encouraging men to lead by example and talk to other men. The Very Rev Ray Coster is a White Ribbon NZ Ambassador.

This year’s White Ribbon campaign has a new focus - to ensure fathers, mothers, caregivers and those involved in shaping children’s lives have the skills and confidence to talk to boys about respectful relationships and respectful sexual relationships.

Preventing violence towards women starts by raising respectful boys. It’s up to all men (women), dads, uncles, kaumatua, teachers to show boys what respectful relationships look like. If we model respect, they will know how to show respect.

“Be the kind of man you want our boys to be,” is one of the messages of the 2017 campaign.

A Word from Very Rev Ray Coster, White Ribbon NZ Ambassador

I commend to you the White Ribbon resources that are available for your parish to use in your church and community in the days and weeks around November 25 – White Ribbon Day.

The 2017 campaign is called “Raise Our Boys” and was launched on 8 November. Can I encourage all men throughout the Presbyterian Church to demonstrate in their own lives the importance of respectful relationships of men towards women? Let us intentionally look for ways to mentor the next generation of men to embrace respect as behaviour instead of violence. 

Can I encourage us, as men and leaders, to have the confidence to talk to sons and young men about respectful relationships and respectful sexual relationships?

Respectful relationships are based on:

  • Gender equality – men and women are equals. Men who believe they have a greater entitlement to power than women have a real risk of using violence to enforce their position.
  • Flexible gender behaviour. Men who hold strictly to a rigid prescription of men’s behaviour and women’s behaviour, and believe that this must always be upheld, are at real risk of using violence against women.
  • Using non-violent communication to resolve conflict. Men who use skills to listen and problem-solve, and who feel empathy, are less likely to use violence.
  • Everyone consenting to sexual relationships. Not just consent, but enthusiastic consent from all participants, for all activities, is fundamental to prevent sexual violence.

Please look for creative ways to use this resource in your community that we may impact the next generation of men to live in respectful relationships.

Very Rev Ray Coster
White Ribbon Ambassador

Get Involved

The White Ribbon website has ideas for activities that can be undertaken as groups or individuals to promote conversations about men’s violence toward women. There are a range of suggestions ranging in scale and involvement - everything from encouraging congregation members or workmates to sign The Pledge, to more involved activities like hosting panel discussions. More ideas for getting involved

If your parish is planning to mark White Ribbon Day, please share what you are doing so we can promote. Email jose@presbyterian.org.nz with event details, and you can also share your event on the White Ribbon website https://whiteribbon.org.nz/act/events/

Get Resources 

Order FREE White Ribbon NZ resources from Assembly Office
Assembly Office has a limited supply of White Ribbon resources for parishes so first in first served - order now:

  • 50 balloons
  • 100 posters
  • 100 brochures
  • 1000 ribbon pins
  • 50 temp glass door stickers 
  • 50 temporary tattoos

All of these resources are available to parishes free of charge, and as quantities are limited, we suggest you get your order in quickly. Contact Assembly Office by email or phone 04 801 6000 to order your resources. In your email, please note the quanity of each resource you would like and the address to which resources should be sent. Once our free resources run out remember that resources are also available to purchase directly from the White Ribbon NZ website

Family Works White Ribbon paid resources
Family Works also has created a range of White Ribbon resources available for purchase, including several billboards and flyers, and both small and large white ribbon lawn stakes. Download the order form here.

White Ribbon NZ has prepared a range of helpful resources to support communities and families to end violence towards women. The focus this year is on equipping dads and those bringing up our children to raise respectful boys. Download or view the toolbox resources using the links below:

Toolbox for dads: Raising boys who respect
Video: Role modelling and walking the talk
Video: Active involvement and playing a part
Video: Age adjustment and knowing where they are at
Video: Respect as a behaviour
Video: Learning from you and having those talks
Toolbox for men: Respectful relationships 

Download Justice & Action
Justice & Action, a group study resource, produced by PresCare examines the issue of family violence in New Zealand from a biblical perspective. Download or order copies of Justice & Action

Presbyterian Support
Presbyterian Support Family Works Northern has prepared a practical resource about what to do to help someone whose life is impacted by family violence or abuse. Download resource

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