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  • Seven words from the cross: a series of reflections for Lent by Doug Rogers.
  • Advent 2004
    Four studies for Advent 2004 by the Very Rev John Murray.
  • On the way to Calvary - Lent 2004
    Four studies for Lent by the very Rev Margaret Reid Martin.
  • Lent 2004
    A series of four studies for a New Zealand Lent by Graham Millar, minister at Ngaio Union Parish in Wellington.
  • Be alert! Prepare! Christ comes!
    Four studies for Advent by the Rev Susan Jones of Dunedin.
  • Advent 2003
    Four studies for the season of Advent.
  • Cain and Abel
    Material for local church people to get their teeth into by Robin McPhail
  • Thinking about the language we use in worship
    Prepared by the Knox Centre for Ministry and leadership
  • Illustrated Gospel
    A series of studies based on the Gospel of Luke 


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