Seed Funding

The resources that PressGo administers are a very small part of the resources within the Church. Congregations and presbyteries are also stewards of resources for missional growth.

It is PressGo’s role to help the Church redirect its attention and collective resources to “pursing missional growth”. We want to support and encourage congregations who are committed to growing the Kingdom of God.

Applying for funds

PressGo funding at a glance provides a summary of PressGo administered funds, including details of application criteria and other relevant information for each funding type. How to apply for funds, including application forms are available on the sources of funding page on this website.

Notes for applicants

This is essential reading for applicants and greatly expands on material on the website. Read notes for applicants

Application closing dates

Applications for funding generally close a month before each PressGo Board meeting. Read this document, which outlines meeting and application closing dates closing dates for 2018.

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