Presbyterian Foundation

Purpose of the Foundation

Established by the 1996 General Assembly, The Presbyterian Foundation is a trust fund, to which bequests and donations may be added, and from which interest is distributed for purposes as defined by the 1998 General Assembly.

  • To provide monies for the ongoing regional and other mission of the Church.
  • To facilitate the development of innovative mission opportunity that is conceived at a local and regional level.

Eligibility for Grants

This is an internal grants system, and applicant groups must belong directly to the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa Zealand. Individuals, overseas or non-Presbyterian parishes are not eligible. Stand-alone trusts associated with parishes may not apply directly. Congregations and presbyteries may apply, as may Co-operating Ventures and United District Councils. They may do so as individual bodies, but joint applications which benefit a wider community will be given higher priority. Joint applications may take any one of these combined forms:

  • Congregations and presbyteries/UDCs
  • Two or more congregations together
  • Presbyteries/UCCs/UDCs may join with other presbyteries/UDCs
  • Congregations or Presbyteries/UCCs/UDCs may develop a community facing mission project with other organisations in the community.
  • A recognised national church project may apply.

Administration of Presbyterian Foundation funds

In line with a decision of the 2016 General Assembly, administration and oversight of the Presbyterian Foundation has been rolled into the work of the Press Go board. From 2017, Presbyterian Foundation funds will be administered by Press Go and can be accessed by making an application under the Small Grant criteria. Currently the Board is reviewing application forms, criteria, guideline and assessment processes. Applications will be open during the year and it is anticipated that there will be a number of funding rounds. The maximum grant amount will be $10,000 and the amount of the grant is expected to be at least matched by parish and other sources. More information will be available on this page when applications are open later in 2017.

Funding Criteria

Projects must be:

  • within the geographical boundaries of the applicant(s) territory.
  • consistent with the goals, priorities and policies of the Presbyterian Church as stated by the Council of Assembly.

The following are unlikely to receive funding:

  • routine salaries and overheads
  • vehicles
  • technical equipment
  • building renovations
  • furniture or fittings

Priority will be given to:

  • Ministry of people to people
  • New creative ventures of mission, outside usual patterns and beyond current church membership.
  • Collaborative ventures [e.g. a congregation working with another congregation and presbyteries/UCCs/UDCs working together].

Note: If an applicant parish is not up to date with its financial obligations to the Church (Assembly Assessment, Presbytery or equivalent contributions to Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa NZ), or with the Charities Register, it is unlikely to receive funding.  The criteria and priorities identified above are currently under review and clarification and may be modified in the 2017 year.

Application Process

Application is made to Press Go on a Small Grant application form. Forms and guidelines for applications are expected to be available no later than July 2017.

For enquiries about the application process, email the Press Go Catalyst Lisa Wells or phone her on on 027 4455 723.

Evaluation of Projects

Applicants who have received Presbyterian Foundation grants in previous years are expected to complete an evaluation of their project. You may download the Evaluation Form and complete it at any time, but it must be submitted to PressGo before any further applications can be considered.  If there is some doubt about your project proceeding as described in your original application please make contact with PressGo as soon as possible.

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