Leadership for mission

This information was produced by the former Leadership for Mission policy group

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand is committed to sharing in God's work in today's society. Ours is a challenging time. Several decades of declining church membership and aging congregations tell a story of struggle and an erosion of confidence. Some of this relates to wider social trends and some to the need for the Church to adapt itself towards contemporary society.

The Church, through the General Assembly, has developed some key plans to help us address this issue. One important strand is the idea of Leadership for Mission (or Servant Mission Leadership) - a style of leadership that our Church needs for the future.

Policy papers in themselves don't create change. What's needed is for people at the local level to consider how they might adapt this concept of leadership in their situation and community. The documents you can access through the menu on the left are not comprehensive documents, rather they're intended as guides and discussion starters for your local context.

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