Eco-congregation is an ecumenical programme helping churches make the link between environmental issues and Christian faith, and respond in practical action. View the website, it has tools to help churches begin to address environmental issues and is suitable for all kinds of churches. 

A Rocha

A Rocha is an international Christian organisation inspired by God’s love, it engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects. A Rocha works in 19 countries in six continents. See A Rocha International.

The Alliance of Religions and Conservation

ARC is a secular body that helps the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programmes, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices. ARC was founded in 1995 by HRH Prince Philip and works with 11 major faiths through the key traditions within each faith. Visit the ARC website.

The Evangelical Environmental Network

The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) is a non-profit organization that seeks to educate, inspire, and mobilize Christians in their effort to care for God's creation, to be faithful stewards of God's provisionand to advocate for actions and policies that honor God and protect the environment. Visit the EEN website.

World Council of Churches WCC

Climate change affects people all around the world, violent storms, droughts and rising sea levels have devastating consequences on poor and vulnerable communities. This situation requires a response that goes far beyond the Kyoto Protocol. Learn more here.

Christian Ecology

Offers insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches, provides Christian insight to the Green movement. Publishes a magazine, Green Christian and ChurchLink, a free twice yearly A4 resource leaflet/poster for any church that requests it. Visit the website for further information.


EarthCare  is a Christian organisation that promotes creation stewardship within the Christian community. It seeks to raise environmental awareness and encourage participation in church and community projects through educational and advisory programs (such as distributing resource materials and helping churches establish creation care ministries). View the website for further information.


Eco-Justice Ministries is an independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches answer the call to care for all of God's creation, and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability. Has a free weekly e-newsletter Eco-Justice Notes. View the website for further information.

Theological Studies

An Internet Resource for studying Christian theology. Dedicated to making quality theological material on ecology available world wide, thus providing Bible teachers and Pastors with the training they need to spread the Gospel in their countries. View the website for available resources.

Operation Noah

Operation Noah is an ecumenical programme that focuses specifically on campaigning on climate change and raising awareness on this issue. The website includes 'Ark in a Box' - a package of resources for churches, find it on the website.

European Christian Environmental Network

European Christian Environmental Network offers a resource for anyone organising worship, celebration and prayer round the theme of Creation. Liturgical material to celebrate a "Time for Creation"  from 1 September to the second Sunday in October.View the website for further information.

The Season of Creation


The Season of Creation promotes the season as an opportunity to celebrate God the Creator and provides liturgies and other resources from around the world. Focuses in worship Christian concern about the way human beings are treating God's Earth. View the website for further information.


Council for World Mission

The Council for World Mission (CWM) is a worldwide community of 31 Christian denominations working as equals with a common commitment to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Resources on food crisis and globalisation.

The Royal Society


An independent scientific academy of the UK & Commonwealth promoting excellence in science. Has an overview of current scientific understanding of climate change to help non-experts understand. Sets out in simple terms where weight of scientific evidence sits. View the website for further resources.


International Rural Churches Association

IRCA is a network of people with a passion for rural communities based on their passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Seeks to be an international community of rural Christians and a voice for rural communities worldwide. View the website for further resources.

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Ecumenical advocacy network on global trade. Trade as not an end in itself but as an instrument for human well-being, sustainable communities and economic justice. Has campaign to build a movement within churches to promote trade justice. View the website for further resources.

The Center for Public Justice


Independent, non-partisan organisation devoted to research and civic education. Working outside familiar categories of right and left, conservative and liberal, seeks to help people respond to God's call to do justice. Guidelines on the environment can be found on the website.


Christian Aid


Has campaign to fight climate change; potentially this century's greatest obstacle to ending poverty. Also campaigns on international trade, trade could help millions lift themselves out of poverty but is making poverty worse. View the website for further information.

Living Lightly 24:1

A simpler, greener lifestyle commitment which offers a renewed vision of the world and alternative way of living; a virtual Christian community to be part of!  It describes itself as ‘not a long list of "dos" and "don'ts", but a journey of discovery, seeking to live with delight and gentleness in God's World’. View the website for further information.

The John Ray Initiative (JRI)

An educational charity with a vision to bring together scientific and Christian understandings of the environment in a way that can be widely communicated and lead to effective action as responsible stewards. View the website for resources.

Shrinking the Footprint

Church of England’s national environment campaign. Churches are encouraged to carry out a simple environmental audit to help plan how to reduce their emissions. Offers information, links resources for churches, including the report "Sharing God's Planet: a Christian vision for a sustainable future,". View the website for further information.

World Development Movement

Created originally by the churches, WDM has launched the °C Change Campaign to emphasise the responsibility of rich countries for climate change, while poor countries bear the brunt of the impact. WDM's calls on governments to transform economies to reduce carbon emissions. View the website for further information.

Stop Climate Chaos

A coalition of environmental and international development organisations, women's organisations, activist groups and faith-based campaigns. It aims to build pressure on politicians to act on climate change. Combining with like-minded bodies in other countries it will work to ensure overseas governments do the same. View the website for further information.

Stop Global Warming

A movement about change as a global community. Learning tools on global warming and practical tips. Asks supporters of sign up and join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and become part of the movement to demand leaders freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now. View the website for further information.

Alternatives for Simple Living

Aims to equip people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly. Encourages celebrations that reflect conscientious ways of living. The website provides resources, special resources for Lent and Advent/Christmas, educational resources etc.

Association for Religion and Ecology

Resources on practicing a more green lifestyle. Links individuals, households, churches, faith groups, organisations, or any other religious entity together through a network of eco-practice, awareness, and advocacy on the website.

Au Sable Institute

Ecumenical Christian environmental stewardship Institute, their mission is to bring healing to the whole of Creation. The website provides environmental, educational courses, retreats and conferences.

Canfei Nesharim

An organisation of Orthodox Jews dedicated to educating the Orthodox community about the importance of protecting the environment, and to help them understand the halachos relevant to environmental protection, and to empower them to take action. View the website for further information.

Center for Respect of Life and Environment

An interfaith organization that examines the basic assumptions, attitudes, and beliefs that underlie our relationship with the natural world. They publish Earth Ethics and promote understanding of the Earth Charter on their website.

Center for the Celebration of Creation

An interfaith coalition, the Center serves to educate congregations about environmental issues, and provide guidance on concrete steps for restoring God's creation. They have materials for congregations to use in worship on their website.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Organisation that aims to deepen the Jewish community's commitment to the stewardship of creation and mobilizes the resources of Jewish life and learning to protect the Earth and all its inhabitants, more on their website.

Earth Ministry

An ecumenical, Christian non-profit that helps individuals and congregations connect faith with care for the Earth. Publishes Earth Letter, and Simpler Living, Compassionate Life and Food, Faith & Sustainability. They have created many resources for congregations including Handbook for Creation Awareness and Care, more on the website.

Eco-Justice Collaborative

Works to raise public awareness around personal lifestyle choices globally. Seek to change economic systems that have placed Creation at risk by working with others to build alternatives that lift up, rather than destroy life. View the website for further information.

Ecumenical Eco-Justice Network

Brings together people explore issues, to share and sharpen the vision of an eco-just future, to support each other.  Publishes quarterly newsletter: Between the Flood and the Rainbow. The website has educational resources to download.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

An association of 17 Christian denominations that work together through community ministry, theological education and dialogue and environmental ministry, further information can be found on the website.

Episcopal Ecological Network

A national network of concerned Episcopalians formed before the 1991 General Convention, instrumental in supporting the resolutions adopted at that convention which authorised the creation of the national Environmental Stewardship Team. Works to care for creation available on the website.

Faith in Place

Seeks to engage religious congregations around issues of long term environmental sustainability, facilitates projects on night lighting, transportation planning, affordable housing, stewardship of a forest preserve, butterfly gardening on the website.


Interfaith coalition for the environment. Inspires, educates and mobilises people of diverse spiritual backgrounds to deepen their relationship with nature and restore the environment for future generations. Further information on the website.

Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

Founded in 1997 as a task force of Green Networking in order to help support and promote faith-based communities work in the area of environmental justice. View the website for further information.

Interfaith Coalition on Energy

An interfaith organization that works specifically on energy conservation and improved efficiency. Have resources for energy efficiency and conservation in congregations on the website.

Inter-religious Eco-Justice Network

Engages people of diverse faith traditions in prayer, education, and celebration of the sacredness of creation. Encourages faithful living that reflects a right relationship between humankind and the environment on the website.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Interfaith organisation integrating care for God's creation throughout religious life: theology, worship, social teaching, education. Seeks to protect the natural world and human well-being within it, resources can be found on the website.

North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology

Ecumenical organisation established 1986 to encourage the many strands of Christian tradition in the work of healing the damaged earth, out of love for God's creation. Published newsletters and more can be found on the website.

Northwest Earth Institute

Offers a six self-facilitated discussion courses on Choices for Sustainable Living, Discovering a Sense of Place, Deep Ecology, Voluntary Simplicity, Healthy
Children-Healthy Planet. Resources are found on the website.

Partnership For Earth Spirituality

People from various religious traditions promoting a better understanding of the interdependence of ecology and spirituality. The website offers liturgies and other resources.

The Regeneration Project

Committed to lead communities of faith to a deeper understanding of what it means to be "Good Stewards" of Creation. The website offers education and practical help for congregations.

Restoring Eden

A grassroots environmental movement within the Christian church, dedicated to encouraging faithful stewardship of the natural world as a biblical, moral, and wise value. Further information on the website.

Sacred Earth Network

International, interfaith organisation that strives to empower people to work in defense of the biosphere and create a sustainable culture. The website offers a range of resources

Voices for Earth Justice

An interfaith network committed to prayer, education and action that deepen our sense of wonder, responsibility, and gratitude for all creation. Further information on the website.

Web of Creation

Website for a just and sustainable world-from religious perspectives, maintained by the Lutheran School of Theology. The website has many free resources and links.

The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

A community of scholars engaged in critical inquiry into relationships among human beings and their diverse cultures, environments, religious beliefs and practices. Has the affiliated Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture.

Religious Eduation and Environment Program

Provide thought-provoking resources for teachers and learners, in the fields of multi-faith spirituality, the environment and religion. Resources free via the website.

SPREP Pacific Climate Change Resources Library

An online library of Pacific climate change web resources, documents and lessons learned compiled by SPREP, a regional organisation established by the governments and administrations of the Pacific region to look after its environment. It has grown from a small programme attached to the South Pacific Commission into the Pacific region’s major intergovernmental organisation charged with protecting and managing the environment. See the website.

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