Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Morgan to Mushet

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MORGAN, Sr Agnes Annabel Grace (Sr Nessie)          M.B.E.
b 7.9.1903;  daughter of Rev R. Morgan below.
Maori Miss   -  PWTI
Waimana 1926
Te Teko 1932
Opotiki 1934; in charge with Father as Assist 1.9.1935;
Ord Deac 11.2.1936
Tokaanu 1942
Cong Deac St Johns Wn 1945-8
Maori Miss 1946-9
Cong Deac St Johns Wn  1.8.1951  ret 29.2.1960
Died  15.8.1991 Wn 

MORGAN, Rev Allan                  B.A.
b 5 November 1928
w Anne 'Nancy'Rosa Williamson  m 26 January 1957  
Hall 1955-1957
Ordained Clutha Valley, Clutha Presbytery, 4 February1959
St Stephens, Invercargill, 10 February 1966
St Andrews, Gore, Mataura Presbytery, 10 February 1980
Minister Emeritus, Mataura Presbytery, 1 February 1991
Minister Emeritus, Christchurch Presbyery, 2013
Died, Monday, 5 September 2016, aged 88, at Ilam Lifecare, Christchurch

MORGAN, Rev Daniel Welsh
b 10.8.1886 Scotland, unmarried
Studied at the Bible Training Institute, Glasgow. Joined Home Missionary
staff in 1912; service interrupted by 11 years school teaching.
HM Brunnerton WsP 1912
Papatowai ClP  1914,  Ord HM  1914 - resigned 1915
Beaumont ClP 1915 (3 months)
School teaching for 11 years
Waihola-Milburn ClP July 1931
Takaka-Collingwood NMP 1935
Maungaturoto NP  1942
Henderson-Hobsonville AP 1945
Eketahuna-Pongaroa WpP 1947 - retired 1958 to Takaka
Died 7.5.1963  Takaka  

MORGAN, Rev Henry (Harry) Clements              B.A.
born 18 February 1939
wife Pamela (Pam) June Botting married 21 January 1967
Factory worker
Theological Hall 1968-1970
Ordained Katikati, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 3 December 1970 — resigned 18 November 1973
Bachelor of Arts 1973 Otago University.
Otahuhu, Auckland Presbytery, 15 May 1975, for 28 years
exchange parishes, Arizona, USA (twelve months); Vancouver, United Church of Canada (six months); Colvend, Scotland (three months)
Senior Associate Minister, St Andrews First Presbyterian, Symonds Street, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 14 October 2003, for seven years
Minister Emeritus, 30 April 2011
died 12 January 2023 aged 83

MORGAN,  Mrs Inez E.                    (nee Willetts)
Deaconess  -  Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute;  m 1940’s (?)
Maori Missionary Te Teko 1940 - resigned 1947 to care for her aged parents.
Woman Worker Grey Lynn Auckland  AP  1954
Assoc. Taumarunui  WkP  1959 

MORGAN, Rev Morag (Mo) Heather                 MA (Māori), ATCL (Piano), BTheol, PGDip (Guidance Counselling)), Diploma in Ministry, Diploma in Ministry
husband: Kirk
worked for Praxis
Bachelor of Arts in Maori 1996 Auckland University; Associate of Trinity College London in Piano 1997 Trinity College London; Master of Arts in Maori Studies 1998 Auckland University; Bachelor of Theology 2004 Otago University; Post-Gradudate Diploma in Education 2006 Massey University; Diploma in Ministry 2016 Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership
Presbyterian Youth Ministry national director, c 2000-February 2006
Started Connect National Youth Leaders Conference, 2002
Intern, St James Presbyterian Church, Whanganui East
Licentiate, Presbytery Central — Nukuhau Tapu, 1 December 2016
Minister, St James Whanganui, Presbytery Central — Nukuhau Tapu, 10 March 2017 — completed 17 September 2023
other recognised minister (A Rocha), Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 17 September 2023
Studied Maori, theology, and guidance counselling; a piano teacher.
Daughter of Revs Douglas and Elizabeth Mansill

MORGAN, Rev Richard
b 2.7.1869 Otago;
w (1) Grace b 27.9.1876 m 4.4.1900 d 3.7.1926
w (2) Inez Willetts (of Maori Mission Staff), married (c.1940’s?)
After some years farming he offered his services as a Home Missionary in 1906
HM Merrivale SP 1906
Colac Bay SP  1908
South Invercargill 1910
Theological Hall 1913-5
Ordained Centre Bush SP  9.12.1915
Paeroa WkP  19.12.1922
Hamilton East 10.12.1925
Methven AsP 28.6.1928 - ret 31.8.1935 and offered his services to the Maori Missions Committee
Opotiki 1.9.1935, assisted his daughter Nessie
Reporoa-Taupo 1939
Tokaanu 1941;
Died  19.7.1943

Maori Miss
Matahi  -  app to assist during absence of Nurse Doull on trip to UK 1928;
also for part of 1930.

MORICE, Rev George
b. 1 Dec 1838 at Moray, Scotland.
Eldest son of Dr Morice of India, then of Elgin in the North of Scotland.
w. Wilhelmina Barclay (a Daughter of the Rev Barclay of Auldearn)  b.(?) 
m. 9.2.1875 at Nairn, Scotland  d. 4 Jan 1887 at Gisborne, aged 36..
Educated at University of Aberdeen where he completed an Arts course :
“He proved himself a diligent and conscientious student”.
Later attended New College, Edinburgh.
Licensed as a Minister under the Free Church of Scotland.
Came to New Zealand on the “Strathallan”, sailed 30.8.1866
St Pauls Napier 21.12.1866;
“He there endeared himself to his people by his gentleness and by the excellence
of his pulpit work.”
Established St Andrew’s Church Gisborne & purchased land for Matawhero Church, c.1871.
Spent some weeks in Otago before leaving  for a visit to Scotland Jan 1872.
Toured Scotland, England and Ireland recruiting Ministers for the NZ Presbyterian Church.
Married while in Scotland.
He resisted some attractive offers of settlement and returned to NZ Oct 1875
Assisted for 8 months at Remuera, Auckland Ap 1875-76
Hokitika WsP 2.11.1876
Balclutha ClP Aug 1879
Moderator of the General Assembly (Northern) 1870
It was the custom of Mr Morice to spend some weeks every year with his wife and
family at Port Molyneux for the benefit of sea bathing. On the 23rd Dec 1884, being the last day
of their holiday at Kaka Point, Mr & Mrs Morice, who were expert swimmers, were caught by an
undercurrent while bathing. Nearly exhausted in his attempts to save his wife, Mr Morice returned
to the beach and sent his nine year old son to get help of some Maoris. With conspicuous bravery,
William Potiki, assisted by his sister Sarah, and an old Maori, Tongata, rescued Mrs Morice, but
a wave had carried her husband out into deep water and he was drowned. When they brought Mr
Morice to shore "life was found to be extinct".
His funeral was the largest ever seen in Balclutha.
In appreciation to the Maoris, Mr Morice's brother presented a harmonium to the Port
Molyneux Maori School, Bibles from the Synod were presented to four of the men, and gifts
of food, clothing and money for those in need of it were presented to the Maori women for
their joint efforts, including the recovery of Mrs Morice. The presentation was made the
occasion of a ‘bountiful repast’ [feast] prepared by two Balclutha ladies to all 37 natives at
the Maori Kaik who were greatly pleased with the attention shown to them and the generous
provision for their entertainment.The Royal Humane Society's silver medal was presented to
William Potiki for his ‘gallant conduct in connection with the sad event'.
Mrs Morice subsequently moved to Gisborne.
Drowned at Port Molyneux 23rd Dec 1884

MORLEY, Rev Charles Henry (Harry)              L.Th.
b 23 August 1907 at Christchurch
w (1) Marion Boyd Dixon born 4 December 1906 married 31 December 1936 died 30 Apil 1969  
w (2) Catherine Pearl Gillanders b 8.3.1927 m 31.7.1971
Attended a number of primary schools in both Islands and finally one year at Gisborne High School.
Entered the drapery trade before his 18th birthday, being promoted to buyer for silk and dress goods department of a well-established firm.
In March 1929 entered the Salvation Army Training College Wellington.
Commissioned Jan 1930
In Jan 1930 appointed to assist at Dunedin City Corps, being appointed to a charge position by the end of the year, followed by 16 appointments. Appointed to positions in Southland and Wellington areas then after his marriage to Marion, appointed to Levin, New Brighton, Westport, Kilbirnie (Wellington),
Whangarei, Sydenham (Christchurch), Invercargill, Feilding, New Plymouth & North Dunedin.
Served 27 years with the Salvation Army until his resignation in Jan 1957.
Managed a Methodist Men's Home in Anderson's Bay Dunedin for a short time, also joining Maori Hill Presbyterian Church. Applied to be received into the ministry of the PCNZ and was accepted after 2 years in the Hall.
Halfway Bush Parish (Supply), Dunedin Dunedin Presbytery 1958-1959
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1958-1959 (special student)
Ordained St Columba Naenae Wellington Presbytery, 4 February 1960
During his Ministry at Naenae he undertook Licentiate of Theology studies through the Melbourne College of Divinity.
Kawerau Bay of Plenty Presbytery  4 July 1968 — retired 31 August 1974 (the congregation had asked that his term of service be extended two years beyond retirement age)
In retirement (in Massey Auckland) he was very active with supply, as interim-moderator, in community and Church affairs.  He was virtually blind from 1986, but this, with Cath's support, did not deter him from his activities. 
While at St Columba, Naenae, served for almost 5 years on the Assembly Public Questions Committee; Convenor of Wellington Presbytery's Liquor Problems and Alcoholism Committee for a number of years; represented the Lower Hutt Children's Court, and later at Kawerau as Honorary Welfare Officer under the Child Welfare Dept (later Social Welfare Dept). Served on Rotary at Naenae and Kawerau.
Died 20 December 1989  

MORLEY, Mrs C.H.            see                  Gillanders, Catherine, Sr.

MORREAU, Rev Paulus (Paul)
b 15.12.1921 at Hilversum, Holland.
w Barbara Mary Hayes  b 27.11.1930  m 9.6.1951
Growing up in Holland during World War Two, he acted as a messenger in the Dutch
Underground. Trained as as Accountact and spent some years as a Bank Accountant in India
and Singapore.  After marriage in 1951 moved to Hong Kong for 6 years. Feeling a call to
ministry, he came as an immigrant with his family to NZ to train for the ministry.
Theological Hall 1959-61
Ordained Edendale MtP 30.11.1961
St Aidans Linden WnP 10.11.1966
Tawa Co-Operating Parish (includes Linden) WnP  1972 - resigned 30.11.1974 (to undertake
study overseas)
After further study overseas involving a second Clinical Pastoral Education course (in Holland)
he returned to NZ in 1975. 
Hospital Chaplain Christchurch 31.1.1975
During his 12 years at Sunnyside Hospital, Paul trained and became a member of the
Psychotherapist Association of NZ and a clinical member of The International Transactional
Analysis Association (ITAA). Later he was also to become a Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral
Minister Emeritus 31.1.1987
“His mind was steeped in Christian traditions which he valued deeply. He wrote ‘That he was
fortunate to live for 12 years among other faith traditions : Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism and
Taoism. He consciously embraced the fact that we live in the 21st century with its globalisation
and the challenges which are the result. In expressing his faith (today) he sought to do justice to
both his upbringing and his own life experiences.’
He was a master of his vocation as a hospital chaplain and showed fortitude in developing
himself as a supervisor able to conduct Clinical Pastoral Education. There is no doubt that his
whole contribution to the Chaplaincy scenario was immense. His involvelment in the CPE
programme gave him a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.
He is remembered for his knowledge, wisdom, compassion and quick wit and above all for
his love of God.” (From Obit.)
Died 2 April 2004, aged 82 years.

MORRIS, Mrs Mary
A Deaconess of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Australia, and a trained Nurse. She had
Been widowed after only a year of marriage “and had a heart for the [mission] work”.
Missionary Nurse - New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Assisted Dr Lamb at Ambrym Hospital occasionally from 1895.
Ambrim Hospital - Nurse appointed 1901, resigned  1912 mainly through ill-health
Rep 1901: she has had  considerable experience of work in New Hebrides under the Australian
Church, and is now a valuable addition to our staff.
A sister of the Rev J Gillan, an Australian Missionary also working in the New Hebrides.

fr CS Scot, arr in Tauranga 8.1868 in response to an open Call fr Tauranga BPP 8.1868 – for
lack of support he res & returned to Scot on 7.7.1869.  

MORRIS, Rev Raymond William
b 11.1.1922  Invercargill
w Edna Joyce Burling  b 7.4.1930 m 30.12.1950
Served in the Engineering Office of the NZ Railways at Duendin and Wellington.
From the Church of Christ. Offered for Home Mission service with the PCNZ.
HM Plimmerton WnP  20.9.1946
Completed his preliminary study course in 1949, receiving a commendation for his
conscientious work as a student.
Te Kauwhata SAP 1950 – he established this Parish which had neither a manse or a Church.
During this period he undertook extra-mural studies in preparation for his Theological studies.
Ordained as a Home Missionary 1950
Pine Hill Dunedin DnP 1955 – During this period he also undertook his Hall studies.
Theological Hall 1955-57
Assoc St Andrews Hastings 4.12.1957
Foxton MnP  24.3.1960
Waverlay TkP  1.9.1964
Stratford TkP  12.12.1968
Westmere WgP 2.10.1975
Inglewood United TkP 2.2.1982 - retired to Wanganui 30.4.1985
Served as Stated Supply at Wanganui in retirement.
Served as the representative of the Taranaki Presbytery on the Board of Presbyterian Support
Services Wellington and as Moderator in both Taranaki and Wanganui Presbyteries. 
“Ray’s humble dedication to his Lord and to the work of Ministry endeared him both to the
people with whom he worked and to the communities that he served with practical love and
guidance. Many found growth and encouragement to serve with greater understanding and
enthusiasm through his Ministry. In his caring for all, Ray was always positive and rarely, if
ever, had an unkind word of another person.” (from Obit.)
Died at Wanganui 3.5.1995  

MORRISON, Rev Alexander Samuel (Alex)          M.A.
b 17.7.1867 Efate, Vanuatu
w Elizabeth J. b 22.11.1872 m 16.6.1897 d 15.5.1954
His Father was Rev D. Morrison, a pioneer Missionary in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu). 
He was educated at Auckland Grammar School, Auckland University and Otago University.
Whangarei (student supply) 1888
Ellerslie AP 1889
Theological Hall Dunedin 1891-93
Ord Hastings  18.5.1894
Waimate SCP 31.1.1899
Rakaia AsP 6.9.1917 - retired 31.3.1933
St Martins, Christchurch (in retirement) 1.1.1935 - resigned 19.2.1939
Died 1.7.1943  

MORRISON, Rev Donald
b West Bay Cape Breton, 5 July 1828
w Christina Ross, d 4 February 1882 aged 49 years
Church of the Lower Province of British North America (Canada)
Minister Strathalbyn Prince Edward Island
Missionary in the New Hebrides at Erakor, Efate, 1864-1867
Came to New Zealand to recruit his health, within the bounds of Auckland Presbytery
No surviving record that he was received by General Assembly, or by the Presbytery of Auckland
died at Onehunga, 23 October 1869, aged 41 years
Interred at Symonds Street Cemetery
On their deaths Christina Ross Morrison, and his sister, Catherine Ross, d 26 February 1910, aged 74 years, were interred in the same plot

Local Ministry Team (Treasurer), Pukerau Waikaka, Southland Presbytery, 2009-

MORRISON, Gwendolyn Elsie  (Sr Gwen)             (Mrs Burt)
b Dunedin 9 October 1923
h Lester George Burt   b 16 June 1929   m 17 January 1959 died 14 March 2014
Educated at King Edward Technical College, Dunedin, where she undertook a Commercial Course.
Trained as a Nurse at Dunedin Hospital, taking her final exams in 1949 and completing her Maternity
Course in 1950. Qualifications and training included first aid, home nursing, junior state, surgery and
medicine examinations, senior surgery and medicine examinations, hospital final examinations, and
maternity examinations. Undertook a period of district nursing in 1951.
Missionary Punjab Mission India - Nurse
Jagadhri Hospital, appointed  Sister 1 September 1951; 
Dedicated for Mission service at Opoho Church 6 September 1951; 
Left for India 21 Sept 1951, arrived Jagadhri 21 October 1951
“Jagadhri Hospital is a registered Nurses’ Training School, and , in addition to general nursing
responsibilities, Sister Morrison shares in the task of equipping young Indian women for this
important work. Like all other Missionaries, she takes advantage of evangelistic opportunities
as they arise, and does her part in the administrative work of the Mission.”
Came home on furlough early 1957;
Resigned from 30 September 1957 to be near her parents, and withdrew. 
Married Mr Lester George Burt 1959
Sister of Rev T.D. Morrison.
Died 20th September 2008 at Vickery Court Rest Home, Invercargill, buried at Wallacetown Cemetery
Her husband, Lester George Burt, was later buried in the same grave

MORRISON, Miss Jennifer
Trained as a kindergarten teacher.
Miss Sth India - Council for World Mission.
Rep 1978: transferred to Joint Bd as base, but still paid by CWM to which PCNZ
contributes; completed serv 1981
A Sister with the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary at Camden, Sydney, Australia.
Daughter of Rev. Trevor Morrison.

MORRISON, Rev Robert.C.
w Elizabeth Anderson Connor  b 12.1.1875  m (?)  d 1930, aged 78 years.
From Dumfries, Scotland; Theological Training Dublin, Licensed Church of Scotland.   
Arr NZ 1868, app by WnP to -
Matarata WpP 1868
Recd by OSyn 12.1.1869
Switzers (Waikaia MtP)  4.1870
Akaroa ChP  3.4.1882 res 13.5.1884
Wanaka COP 23.2.1887 res 29.7.1888
Westport  supply WsP 1891
Died  1900, aged 63 years

MORRISON, Mr Stewart Rutherford    
Theological Hall 1937-39
Early in his final year (1939) he had a serious operation, and was unable to resume
studies by the end of 2nd term, and withdrew.

MORRISON, Rev Trevor Davidson                    B.A.
b 28.2.1922 at Dunedin
w Alison Isabel Hogg (A Daughter of Rev Hogg) b 16.12.1924 m 26.11.1949  She predeceased him.
Educated in Dunedin, served overseas as a gunner during World War Two. During this time
he was markedly influenced by the Chaplains of the day, including the Rev J Somerville.
Attended the University of Otago then entered the Hall.
Theological Hall 1949-51
Ordained Waiuku SAP 6.12.1951
Wellsford NSP 2.5.1957  - resigned 30.4.1960 - to Scotland
Ministered in Scotland for three years.
St David’s Taihape WgP 3.10.1963
Waimate SCP 4.2.1969  - resigned 31.1.1976 - to Scotland
Ministered in Scotland for approx 5 years.
Minister within the Bounds NOP 1981
Maheno-Incholme  NOP 1981
Maheno-Otepopo (Stated Supply) NOP – 2 years until retirement in Oct 1987.
Minister Emeritus 1987
“Trevor was a diligent, pastorally focussed man, quiet of nature, gentle of disposition, as
well as caring and sensitive in all he did. In his preaching he gave evidence of careful
preparation, wide reading, and diligent reflection. He was essentially an earthy man who
strove to enable the person in the pew to relate Scripture to their own everyday experience.
Brother of Sr. Gwen Morrison, their only son Andrew died during their time in
Died 29 November 2002 peacefully at the Otago Hospice.

Meth Ch
Manaia Union TkP  2.1972
Hillcrest Co-op Hamilton  5.1977

MORROW, Rev Paul
lay minister
Ordained local ordained minister, St Andrew’s College, Alpine Presbytery, 26 September 2019

MORTON, Rev Alexander
b. 25.8.1858 Glasgow
w. Jane Anderson Smith  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Son of John Morton (a farmer) and Annie Grey nee Murdoch. Educated at the University of
Glasgow then after completing his studies for ministry, he undertook an abbreviated medical
course before going as Missionary to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu).
Licensed by the Presbytery of Melbourne (Presb. Church of Victoria) 3.8.1886
Ordained for Mission work in the New Hebrides 17.8.1886
Missionary New Hebrides under the Presb. Church of Victoria, arrived 1886
Pangkumu, Malekula Island, New Hebrides  June 1887 to 1892 - resigned due to his wife’s health.
He did valuable work translating the New Testament into the Malekulan language. 
To Australia -
Orbost, Victoria 11.10.1893 to Nov 1903
To New Zealand –
Received by the Presb. Church of NZ General Assembly 11.11.1903
Inducted into St Andrews, Aramoho, Wanganui  WgP  1904
Lovells Flat, South Otago ClP  23.11.1911 - retired 30.9.1922
Moderator of the Synod of Otago and Southland 1922
ST Leonard’s, Dunedin DnP 1943
Died 13.4.1948

MORTON, Mr Archibald (Archie) Wentworth               B.A., Dip.Ed., M.A. 
b. 7.5.1911
HM Morningside, Auckland  AP  1.6.1932 to 1934
Entered Moore College (Anglican) in Sydney in 1937 for Theological training.
Decided to train for the Anglican Ministry and withdrew (1937).  

MORTON, Rev William
HM  Bulls  WgP  1916
Rewa  WgP  1917
Ohakune-Raetihi  WgP  1919,  Ord HM 1919
res fr HM service 1920.

MOSES, Rev Don
Omokoroa Community Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 20 August 2015

Overseas Worker
Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan, with NZ Ins Co 1973
Jakarta, Indonesia 1979

MOUNTJOY, Rev Kendrick Archer Louis
b 12.12.1918 at Oamaru
w Roma Ismay Goodwin b 5.1.1920 m 5.1.1943
Educated at at Rongotai College 1932 to 1935
Worked for the Wellington Employers Assn, Fletchers for a short time, and as
a Senior Clerk with the National Cash Register Company.
Entered the Baptist Training College in Auckland.
In 1939 applied to join the NZ Army but declared unfit due to wearing glasses.
Then joined the YMCA, being posted to the Taieri Air Force Base.  When Japan
entered the war he again applied to join the Army and was accepted.  Served in
the Artillery Regiment, Anti Aircraft, based in NZ & the Pacific.
A keen boxer and a champ at Rongotai College, he won a series of bouts in the
Pacific against the US troops.
HM Taupo Maori Mission Station 11.7.1946
St Martins Christchurch ChP 1948
Pine Hill Dunedin DnP 1951
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1952-54   
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin Nov 1954
Ord St Johns Whangarei, Whau Valley-North Manaia NP 16.12.1954
Otahuhu AP  1.5.1958
Whakatane BPP 14.12.1967 - retired 15.12.1976 due to ill-health.
Died 13 Jan 1982 at Whakatane, interred in RSA section of Hillcrest cemetery, Ohope.

Methodist Church
Ordained minister, Methodist Church of Zimbabwe, 1996
Moved to England 2002: MA and PhD in Pastoral Theology at Birmingham University
Minister, Hutt City Uniting Congregations, Methodist Church of New Zealand, 2016
Minister, Beckenham Methodist Church, Christchurch, 2020
Minister, St Anselm's Union Church Karori (60%) and Trinity Union Church Newton (40%), Presbytery Central, February 2023

MUDIE, Rev Alec (Bill) Victor
b 22.1.1916 Invercargill
w. Muriel Joyce Dolphin  b. (?)  m. c.1944-47
Lost his Father when aged 4. From a Church of Christ family. Only secondary education
was night school while delivering groceries by day. Mustered cattle at Glenorchy
during the depression then several years tractor driving at Dipton. Having joined the
Presbyterian Church, he undertook occasional lay preaching. Aware of his meagre
education, he studied at the Church of Christ Glen Leith Bible College from 1940 to 1943. 
Ashburton (Church of Christ) 1944-47
Hokitika (Church of Christ) 1947-49
Onehunga (Church of Christ) 1949-51
Wishing to become a Presbyterian minister, he first became a Home Missionary for one year.
HM Belmont NSP 1.6.1951
Rep 1952: he will continue the extra-mural course for one more year; after that he will do
full-time study in Hall for one year; he will then be received into the full ministry of the PCNZ. 
Raised to full Ministerial status and Ordained 1952
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1954 (special student)
Licensed 1.2.1955 & raised to full Ministerial status; supply then till 31.1.1956
Ind Otautau SP 1.3.1956
Mayfield AsP  31.1.1963
St Margaret’s New Plymouth 11.12.1969 - retired 31.1.1976 due to epilepsy and increasing
blindness. While at New Plymouth he spear-headed negotiations with the Anglican Church
to build a ‘joint-use’ Church, which later became Brooklands Co-operating Parish,
subsequently incorporating the Methodists.
Presbytery Moderator 1967 and 1971, Prison Chaplain 1969-80, took Bible in Schools for
40 years, a member of Birthright, Epilepsy group, President of a City Council Social
Committee, studied German, enjoyed oil painting, CB radio, and WEA.
“Bill’s preaching had been on simple, practical, application to others. He had helped
others regardless of rank… The loveliest sight in the parish was to see a near blind man
and his guide dog, helped by friends around his once familiar church, as he came to
communion, sometimes to administer it, or to take a baptism, often to pray with simple
but penetrating ideas.  Bill’s conversation was laced with unflagging humour, gentle,
and always reflecting a firm faith in the Jesus who called him, and to whom he had
given a life of solid, faithful service. (from Obit.)
Died 15 December 1997

MUIR, Rev Ivan                 B.A.
b 30.4.1916 at Tuturau, Southland.
w (1) Alice Howie Dickie b 20.4.1916  m 10.11.1943  died Epi, New Hebrides 18 Nov 1945 (malaria)
Alice attended the Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute in Dunedin 1939 to 1941. Worked at the
Papanui Boy’s Home in Christchurch before entering Nursing training in Christchurch 1942 to 1943.
w (2) Helen Winifred Easton b 7.5.1927 m 5.1.1952
Educated at Tuturau Primary School, Upper Junction Primary School Dunedin, Otago Boy’s High
School and Otago University. Challenged by the Rev George McNeur, he decided to train for overseas
Mission work.
Theological Hall 1940-42
Ordained Taihape WgP  17.12.1942
Missionary - New Hebrides (Vanuatu) appointed 30.6.1944
Due to the death of his wife Alice he returned to NZ with their 10 month old daughter in Dec 1945.
Tirau (Stated Supply) 1946
Taumarunui WkP 21.8.1947  
St Enochs Tauranga BPP 24.6.1953
Havelock North HBP 31.1.1963
Whakatane  BPP 20.10.1977
Minister Emeritus 31.8.1981
Presbyterian Support Chaplain in Hawke’s Bay 1986-91
“Ivan will be remembered for his church building – both in St Columba’s Church completed in his
ministry, and for building up the congregations and developing teamwork in each parish in which he
served. During his ministry in Havelock North he developed a close congregational tie with the
Heretaunga Maori Pastorate and the Wiamana Parish of the Maori Synod (Te Aka Puaho).
A man of strong principles he did not intrude into another person’s ministry unless asked to do so.
He loved words and was a student of Greek and Hebew, and a stickler for correct English.
… He has left an indelible stamp on the community.” (From Obit.)
Died 2 May 2004

A Miss of CIM China & brother-in-law of H.W. Johnston, Te Whaiti; relieved Johnston at
Te Whaiti during annual holiday 1940.

MUIR, Rev James Stirling
b. 9.8.1822  Glasgow
3rd son of John Muir, Minister of St James’ Glasgow.
Missionary Toward 1855 to 1856
Ordained Caledonian Church, Holloway, London (Church of  Scotland) 14.2.1856 to 1863
To New Zealand late 1863 
St Andrews, Wellington WgP  1864 to 1870. Church was rebuilt during his ministry.  
Congregation unable to meet stipend.
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1870
St Peter’s, North Sydney  1870 to 1872
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 1872
Wallan Wallan-Doneybrook  20.6.1872 to 15.8.1876
Wickliffe  23.9.1876 to 27.4.1880
Visited the United Kingdom, added to list of unattached Ministers 21.6.1881
Died 26.10.1910  Melbourne.

MUIR, Rev  Lesley Marianne            B.Hort.Sc.  (See also entry for Rev LM Shaw)
h. Rev. Alan Thomas, Shaw  m. 26.2.1977
Theological Hall 1974-76
Ordained  Oreti SP 20.3.1977 - resigned 31.3.1980
Minister within the Bounds WnP

MUIR, Miss S.
Overseas Worker
Sarawak, Malaysia, with Borneo Evangelical Mission 1975 

MULLAN, Rev David S.
Meth Ch
Bay of Islands Co-op NP 1.2.1991

MÜLLER, Rev Greta
Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa
from Pretoria, South Africa, nee Serfontein
husband (?) married 1 September 2018
Bachelor of Theology 2010, Master of Divinity 2011, Master of Theology in Science and Missiology 2015, University of Pretoria
Moreletapark NG Kerk, Pretoria, South Africa, 1 June 2012-30 September 2019
Mission Enabler and Ministry Leader, Knox Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth, 30 June 2020
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 28 October 2021
Inducted minister Knox Fitzroy, New Plymouth, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 7 April 2024

Maori Miss - Waikaremoana Assist 1931-3  

MUNDY, Mrs Jean                     neé Laughton
Maori Miss  -  Rep 1958: she gave yrs of efficient & devoted service in the Maori Printery,
Died  21.2.1958  suddenly

MUNRO, Rev Alexander Stuart  McKay
b 16.2.1919 at Pitlochly, Scotland.
w Helen Violet b 3.10.1926 m 8.1.1947
Came to Dunedin NZ with his family in 1923. Educated at Mornington Primary School and Otago Boys High
School then took employment with a firm of merchant engineers.
Entered on military service but prevented from overseas service by ill health.
Gave several years to YMCA work.
Became deeply involved in the Mornington congregation, becoming Superintendent of a large and well
ordered Junior Sunday School.
It was through the death of his friend, the Rev [Captain] Fergus McLaren, in the Battle for Crete that he felt
called to train for ministry "to pick up the torch Fergus had laid down".
Joined the Home Missionary service 5.1.1944
Denniston Jan 1944 – resigned Mar 1944 to take up studies in Dunedin.
Entered Otago University where he proved himself a good student.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1948-50
Ordained Waiareka [Enfield] NOP  12.12.1950
MacKenzie County [Fairlie] SCP 8.3.1956
Hornby ChP  30.5.1963
Forrest Hill NSP  8.2.1978 – retired 30.9.1982 due to ill-health.
“Retiring by temperament and independent in conviction, Alex Munro was a somewhat
isolated figure. Yet his marginal position belies the influence of his ministry in the
Presbyterian Church. He had a unique, if somewhat un-Presbyterian ministry. He had
an ability to preach with clarity and conciseness. He was a man of prayer and holiness
in life. He was devoted to the Lord, a strong authority figure, and an effective
evangelist. He always included an evangelical challenge in his sermons.
In addition to Parish work, Alex was in demand as an expositional preacher and spoke
many times at Pounawea and other Keswick conventions and many church missions.
He was Chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of New Zealand and also on the Board of
Youth for Christ and the Child Evangelical Fellowship. In all his parishes he
emphasised the importance of  Church prayer meetings and missionary outreach.”
(from Obit.)
Died 28 July 1999, at home, Waiake, North Shore, aged 80 years. 

MUNRO, Rev Gavin Donald               M.A.,B.D.,S.T.M.(Yale)
born 1 October 1925, Hawera, fifth of eight children to Donald and Annie (Comrie) Munro, a family of Scottish descent
wife Merle Aileen Collins married January 1956 died October 2009
Educated at Wanganui, scholarship student, Wanganui Collegiate School; Christchurch Teachers College, 1943; taught sole charge school in Wanganui area for three years; studied at Otago University for his BA; Bible College of the Church of Christ Dunedin; was housemaster at McGlashan College, Dunedin; served the Church of Christ in Auckland and South Dunedin;
Ordained 1954.
Ponsonby Church of Christ; South Dunedin Church of Christ 1956
Fulbright Scholar, Yale University, United States, 1960-1961; Theological Teacher at the Churches of Christ Bible College, Glenleith, Dunedin, and Principal, 1962; a joint arrangement was made between the Churches of Christ and the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand to share lectures to students of both Churches; Gavin began lecturing in New Testament at the Theological Hall in 1964, while on staff of the Church of Christ College. Full-time lecturing in Theological Hall by joint appointment of the two Churches until January 1983; after that he was an appointee of the Presbyterian Church. 
Haddon Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Theological Hall Dunedin 1972-1987, after the Glenleith Bible College closed
Lecturer in New Testament, Theological Hall Dunedin by joint arrangement 1975, visited Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Israel, for several months, 1976, Acting Professor of New Testament, theological Hall Dunedin February 1983,
Professor of New Testament, Theological Hall Dunedin 1 February 1988 for three years, retired 31 January 1991
Teaching theology, Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji, for two years in early 1990s
Actively involved in the Bible Society and in the Stroke Club, and the City of Dunedin Choir; long-time member of the St Andrews Street Church of Christ, Dunedin
Served as President, Associated Churches of Christ, New Zealand, and National Council of Churches of New Zealand, Chair, National Council of Churches committees, and Church Union committees
died Wednesday, 3 April 2019, at Ross Home, Dunedin

MUNRO, Rev Graeme Douglas  MA, MTheol, MMin, PGDipArts, DipGrad, LTh, DPS, FTCL, FSB.  
born Wanganui
wife: (1) Sylvia Evelyn Jellicoe married 30 November 1974 at Tawa, Wellington separated 2007
wife: (2) Adele Elizabeth Foley married 27 June 2010 at Oamaru separated circa 22 December 2015
Knox Theological Hall Dunedin, 1972-1974
Diploma of Theology 1974 Knox Theological Hall; Licentiate of Theology 1984 JBTS; Diploma of Theological Studies 1994 Otago University; Graduate Diploma 1999 Otago University; Master of Ministry 2003 Melbourne College of Divinity
Ordained and Inducted Tapanui, Mataura Presbytery, 12 December 1974
Inducted St Andrew’s, Stratford, Taranaki Presbytery, 31 May 1984
Inducted Senior Minister, Waitaki North Otago Presbytery, 25 February 1993
Honorary Chaplain, PSS Otago, Iona Home and Hospital, Oamaru, 1993-2013
Honorary Chaplain, Waitaki Boys’ High School, Oamaru, 1993-2003
Senior Examiner, New Zealand Speech Board, 1993-2005
Chaplain, Waitaki Boys' Boarding House, 1993
Visiting Tutor in Voice Production, Knox Theological Hall, and School of Ministry, 1994-2004
Knox College & Salmond Hall Council member, 2001-2012
Quinquennial Fellow, Knox College, Dunedin, 2005 -
Moderator, Mataura Presbytery, 1980-1982, North Otago Presbytery 1994-1995, 2002; Clerk North Otago Presbytery 1999-2001; Business Committee Convener Taranaki Presbytery 1991-1993, North Otago Presbytery 1994-1995; Ministry Committee Convener Mataura Presbytery 1979-1983, North Otago Presbytery 1993-1994; Church Worship 1978-1983, Assembly Business Committee 1983-1991, General Assembly Administration Committee 1988-1996, Convener, Nominating Committee 1988-1991, Convener, Introduction Work Group within the Equipping for Leadership Policy Group, 1999
Minister emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 31 May 2013
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 25 August 2021
Stated Supply, Hutt City Uniting Churches (Waiwhetu), Presbytery Central, 1 August 2022

MUNRO, Mr J.A.  
fr Queensland where he was a  HM.
HM Dargaville NP  1915
Onga Onga HBP 1915 res fr HM serv  1917

MUNRO, Mr K.           & Mrs
Miss Tonga  -  Rep 1977: ret after 2 yrs  at Tonga, 1975-7

MUNRO, Rev Leanne            BTh., DipNur
husband: Dugald Morrison married August 2001
Elder, St Giles Mt Roskill; Assembly Committee on Women in Church and Society
Staff Nurse, Princess Mary Hospital Auckland, 1983 to 1986; Order of St Stephen Worker - Matron and Assistant Chaplain, Turakina Maori Girls' College 1986; Staff Nurse Wanganui Base Hospital 1987 to 1988; Staff Nurse, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1989 to 1991; Abbey of Iona Scotland 1991; Nurse, Everil Orr Homes, Auckland Methodist Mission; Staff Nurse, Middlemore Hospital Auckland 1992 to 1997; Community Worker, St Giles Presbyterian Church Auckland 1993 to 1997
Diploma in Nursing 1983 Auckland Technical Institute; Ordination Studies Programme 1998 School of Ministry Dunedin; Bachelor of Theology 1999 University of Auckland
Licentiate, Auckland Presbytery, 19 November 1998
Ordained St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, Hamilton South, Waikato Presbytery 19 May 1999 — resigned 18 November 2001 to New York City
Pulpit Supply, Bay Ridge United Church and Union Church, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 2001 to 2003
Lodged Certificate transferred from Waikato Presbytery to Wellington Presbytery, 4 December 2002
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, 31 May 2003
Full Membership, Wellington Presbytery, 15 June 2004
Remain on roll as Member, Wellington Presbytery, 15 November 2011
Minister (stated supply) Wadeston, Wellington Presbytery, 27 May 2013-30 June 2014 interim moderator ended 12 July 2016
started as Moderator Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 December 2023

MUNRO, Rev. William
b. 10 May 1818 at Ardross, Parish of Rosskeen, Ross-shire, Scotland, the son of Alexander Munro & Jane McKenzie.
He never married.
From the Free Church of Scotland, came out as Probationer, his two brothers already being resident in Dunedin.
His brothers Donald and John were farmers at "Ardross Farm", Opoho, Dunedin.
Received by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 10.1.1867
Dunstan Goldfields 1867 for 3 months, later transferred for health reasons to Balclutha 1867
Left for Victoria, Australia 1867 on medical advice.
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria
Ordained Woodend-Newnham  2.11.1869 to 10.4.1877 – resigned due to ill health.
On Home Missionary list 1880
Died 14th Sept 1883 at Tarnagulla, Victoria, Australia.

MURDOCH, Rev J. Alexander (Alex)             B.A.
b 26.8.1914
w Mary (Mollie) b 7.5.1909 m 20.3.1943
Raised and educated at Dunedin.
Theological Hall 1937-39
Ordained and Inducted Assistant Minsiter St Pauls Oamaru  NOP 9.12.1939 – served the
northern part of the Parish which later became the Parish of Eveline.
Otepopo-Kakanui NOP 31.7.1941
Woodlands SP 2.7.1946
North East Valley, Dunedin DnP 1.9.1955
St Andrews Gore MtP  22.8.1968 - retired 30.11.1978 to Christchurch.
“In all the parishes in which he served for 39 years Alex Murdoch was a devoted pastor
and unassuming leader. He enjoyed contact with people. Those to whom he ministered
throughout the years valued his concern and friendship.
But also central to his discipleship was his preaching. It, too, was at the heart of his
ministry. For him it was crucial and he worked at it untiringly and carefully.’ (from Obit.) 
Died 21 June 1999, at Christchurch.

MURDOCH, Sr Martha F.
Eldest of a family of 11 children, father died when she was 17, managed farm with her
mother and worked at Mosgiel Woollen Mills; Bible Class leader
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute 1924-1926,  Ordained Deaconess 1929
On staff of Ross Home, Dunedin
Childrens Home Timaru 1927
Pukemiro-Rotowaro Waikato Presbytery as Home Missionary 1929 resigned 1932 and withdrew
Housekeeper to the Abernethy family at Waitahuna 23 years, involved in church activities
Retired to Brighton 1958 served as elder
Dunedin Deaconesses celebrated her Golden Jubilee of ordination August 1979
Died at Ross Home Dunedin 21 March 1982(?) aged 86

MURDOCH, Rev Robert (Rob) Wilson                 B.A.
Brought up in a manse
wife: Shirley Constance, married 6 January 1970 (secondary school teacher)
Hall 1967-1969
One year secondary school teachers' training course, Ilam, Christchurch
Both taught at Timaru Girls' and Timaru Boys' High Schools respectively, for four years
Ordained Upper Clutha (Wanaka Central Otago Presbytery) 13 February 1975
Associate minister, Trinity, Timaru, 4 December 1980 - resigned 28 February 1986
Masters degree, clinical psychology, Massey University, 1986
St Andrews Gisborne supply 1986
Lodged Certificate, Manawatu Presbytery, 1987
Other Recognised Minister
Interim year, Napier
Assistant clinical psychologist, psychiatric unit, Hastings Hospital
Clinical diploma training placement, Mental Health Unit, Rotorua Hospital
Psychology department, mental health service, Southern District Health Board, then adult community mental health team
Rehabilitation unit, Specialist Mental Health Service, Canterbury District Health Board, 1999
Removed from Ministerial Roll of PCANZ, 13 August 2013
Retired March 2015, resident in Christchurch

MURPHY, Rev. Dr. Robert (Bob) Thomas            B.A., Ph.D., P.H.F.
wife: Valda Whilamena, married 23 January 1960
Theological Hall 1959-1961
Assistant Minister, Moncrieff Parish, Church of Scotland.
Ordained Assistant Minister, Trinity, Nelson (St Lukes Union), 15 October 1963
St Pauls, Invercargill, 25 September 1969 - resigned 1 January 1973 to :
Director of Student Services, University of the South Pacific.
Director , United Church Psychotherapy centre for adolescents, 1976 to 1980
Kohimarama, Auckland Presbytery, 30 January 1980 - resigned 1 February 1981
Principal, Rochester-Rutherford Hall, Ilam, University, Christchurch, 14 April 1981
Alexandra-Clyde-Lauder Union, Central Otago Presbytery, 15 December 1988
St. Pauls Co-operative, Taumarunui (Methodist position), 19 May 1993
Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu , July 1997
Died 28 May 2017, peacefully at Millvale House, Waikanae, aged 83 years.

Listed 1873 as ‘Licentiate holding official appointment’ (but the appointment not stated).
Rep 1873: he is ministering in part of the district Hogg covered formerly, between Saltwater
Creek & Hurunui River.  (Amuri was part of it.)

MURRAY, Rev Dr Alexander A.                        D.D.        
b 28.8.1877
w Bertha M.D. b 3.5.1879 m 27.11.1907  d 1967
Spent some time in India with the Poona & Indian Mission before deciding to train for the
Theological Hall 1903-04, & 1906. During his training in the Hall, he studied first as a
Presbyterian student, the next session as a Baptist student (also trained in the Hall at that
time), then returned as a Presbyterian Student for the final Session.
Ord St Andrews Auckland AP 23 Jan 1908
“He was energetic and popular with the young people in his congregation. His interests
always lay in evangelical work”.
Accepted a call to Sommerville Memorial Church (AP) Dec 1911 –  The St Andrew’s
Session were so firm in their wish that he would remain with them, that Rev Murray
admitted that perhaps he had been hasty in promising to accept the call. In the end he
agreed to remain at St. Andrew’s.
After a pulpit exchange with Waikaka (SP) in 1917 he received a call to that Parish. Rev
Murray felt that he had been “failing to reach the people”. The St Andrew’s Session felt
that a widening of his sphere of work would likely induce him to stay. They therefore
supported his desire to hold evening evangelical services for 3 months in the Tivoli
Theatre in Karangahape Road as an experiment, “The purpose being to reach many of
the non-church going public and lapsed Presbyterians….”. Bordering on the bounds of
St David’s, an objection was lodged with Presbytery on the grounds that the new
arrangement would interfere with their own evening services. St Andrew’s suspended
the services.
Suspended by Auckland Presbytery 10.8.1920 on account of his doctrinal views on infant
Baptism. He was baptized by immersion himself, and held increasingly strong views on
baptism of  infants.  The case was brought to Assembly on his appeal; appeal dismissed
on 19.11.1920; the position of Assembly on Baptism was re-iterated and AP advised
accordingly. Auckland Presbytery then suspended him sine die on 14.12.1920. 
The great majority of the St Andrew’s congregation supported him for his own sake and
for the Gospel’s and some moved with him to form the “United Evangelical Church”, an
independent cause which continued for some years.
To USA :
Later went to the USA where he was readmitted into the Presbyterian Church after an
appeal to the Auckland Presbytery resulted in the lifting of the suspension.
Doe Run, Philadelphia, USA
Honey Brook, Philadeplhia, USA
To Canada :
Brookland Street Presbyterian Church, Sydney, Nova Scotia
Formed the Westminster Presbyterian Church (also in Nova Scotia) – to retirement
Died 1959, buried in South Haven Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

MURRAY, Rev Charles               M.A.
born 19 June 1858 near Peterhead, Scotland
wife (1) Flora Cheyne b.(?) m 31 January 1883, died and buried on Futuna Island, New Hebrides, March 1886
wife (2) Grace Jane Murray, married January 1896, died 19 December 1920, aged 48
Educated at a public school in his native parish, at a Grammar School, Old Aberdeen, and at Aberdeen University in Scotland. He gained a number of bursaries at different times.
Matriculated in 1876 and graduated M.A. in 1882.
Attended the Free Church College at Aberdeen for four years and studied medicine for three years at Marischal College; passed his theological course with distinction. At this time he had charge of the Students' Mission for three years.
Licensed by the Free Presbytery of Deer in 1881 and offered himself for mission work.
He decided to take the place of his brother Rev W B Murray who had served and died in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) as a Missionary.
Appointed by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (Northern) as Missionary to the New Hebrides.
Came to New Zealand (Port Chalmers) as Probationer in January 1885.
Ordained by the Presbyterian Church General Assembly (Northern) in Christchurch as Missionary to the New Hebrides, 18 February 1885.
He became the second Missionary serving under the Northern Church.
After visiting the principal towns he sailed for the New Hebrides via Sydney, settling on Ambrim Island.
His wife, a daughter of Captain Cheyne, died on Futuna in March 1886
Partly owing to her death, and also on account of repeated attacks of fever and ague he resigned on medical advice as from 17 February 1888
Leaving Ambrim in a chartered vessel, he was shipwrecked on Malo Island, being rescued after five weeks by the Mission Schooner "Dayspring".
Returning to New Zealand, he visited most of the main Presbyterian Churches before being inducted to :
South Wairarapa (supply) November 1888; Inducted 1 January 1889 Wairarapa Presbytery
Feilding, Manawatu Presbytery, 16. November 1898 - resigned September 1904
Sydenham, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, February 1906 - resigned 9 February 1919
Matawhero, Gisborne, Gisborne Presbytery, 19 June 1919 - retired 30 November 1920
In retirement Shirley-Richmond, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 1924
Clerk of Christchurch Presbytery for 11 years; Assembly Statistician for some years; Member of the Examining Board of the Presbyterian Church, name associated with many Assembly Committees and reports.
A founder and member of the Polynesian Society.
President of the Wellington provincial Christian Endeavour Union 1895-1896.
A prominent worker in the Prohibition cause.
"... most energentic in every form of Christian and philanthropic work"
Brother of the Rev William Buchan Murray, Missionary of NSW Church in New Hebrides;  Grandfather of the Rev John Stewart Murray.
Died 16 April 1925 at Christchurch.

MURRAY, Rev Donald Hugh
born Auckland
Trained as a teacher and focused on bank education
wife Valma Catherine Fletcher married 1 October 1960
Theological Hall 1969-1971
Ordained Pukerau Mataura Presbytery 4 February 1972
Dargaville, Northland Presbytery 4 March 1976
Whakatane, Bay of Plenty Presbytery 21 January 1982
After the Edgecumbe earthquake created a resource with Rev Lester Simpson for helping out communities in a stressful time 1987
Chaplain and Committe Member Mary Shapley Home
St James Waihi Waikato Presbytery, 22 March 1990
Chaplain (half-time) Trevellyn Hospital  Waikato Presbytery, 7 March 1994
Cambridge Union (half-time) Waikato Presbytery 8 March 1994 — appointed Methodist Supply 1 May 1996    
Mercury Bay Parish, Whitianga 5 September 1995 to 31 January 2000
Minister Emeritus 8 February 2000 Whakatane Bay of Plenty Presbytery
Volunteer Driver Domain Centre Pohutukawa Day Care Centre, Member of Edgecumbe Choir, Pohutukawa Probus, and Whakatane West Rotary
Minister Emeritus, Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery, November 2014

MURRAY, Donald Lyn (Lyn)
b Dunedin
w Barbara Hull at St. Stephens, Christchurch, 1970
Moved to Wellington, 1950, attended Rata Street and Stokes Valley Primary Schools, Taita Intermediate School and Taita College
Returned to Dunedin, 1964, attended Otago Boys High School
Discovered a love of farming during holidays in the Wairarapa and West Otago
First year student, Telford Farm Training Institute, 1965; Diploma of Agriculture, Lincoln College, 1967
Employed at Waipiata Youth Centre
Moved to Waitahuna to manage the property of JM Rose, July 1969
Farming in partnership with Murray Rose, 1973
Representative of Synod of Otago and Southland on Council of Assembly
Session Clerk, First Church of Otago, Southern Presbytery — concluded December 2022

MURRAY,  Sr Helen Agnes           M.B.E., B.A., Dip.Ed.   (Mrs D.Jackman)
born 28 June 1914
husband David Jackman married 1946 died 1963
Spent her childhood at Lovell’s Flat, South Otago.
She trained in Teachers Training College at Dunedin then Christchurch
Obtained her Bachelor of Art from Otago University; Presbyterian Women's Training Institute
Ordained as a Deaconess at Seatoun, 2 December 1942
Scots College, Wellington, 1 February 1942 — taught in Primary Dept at Scots College and served as Assistant to the Chaplain, the Rev D.M.Hercus.
Chaplain, Columba College, Dunedin, 25 February 1943 — served both as a Teacher and Chaplain.
Queen Margaret College, Wellington, 1 February 1945 — similar positions to above.
Married Mr David Jackman, a Teacher, in 1945
Served at Mangamuka, near Kaitaia
“Then followed years in remote area schools. In 1954 the family moved to Murupara where they transferred to Secondary School teaching. Three yars later the serious illness of husband David led them to Dunedin, where he entered Hospital.  They moved to Birkenhead, Auckland, in 1962; David died 1963.  Helen was widowed at 50, with 4 school-aged children. Helen resolutely faced the challenges of an uncertain future but eventually obtained a position in the English Department at Takapuna Grammar School. After a short period at Pakuranga College she was offered the position of Principal at Turakina Maori Girls’ College which she took up in 1971, remaining there until her retirement in 1979.
Drawn to teaching by the inspiring examples of her own teachers, Helen’s enthusiasm for her profession never faltered. She perceived teaching as a ministry to and with children and young persons. Through a lively and stimulating encounter with English and Biblical literature, pupils could discover and reflect upon the heights and depths of the human spirit, be inspired towards personal integrity, and brought to a sense of self worth within a community to which they contributed.”  (from Obituary)
Family attended St Andrew's Birkenhead
Principal of Turakina Maori Girls College, 1971 — asked to save the College when it was at a serious risk of closing, School Certificate rate climbed to about 70% — retired  31 December 1980 and withdrew.
Turned down the title Reverend when it was offered to all former deaconesses.
Sister to Rev RW Murray
Served on the kirk session of St Andrew's Birkenhead in her retirement
Died at Wellington 9 January 1994 while visiting family and friends after a diagnosis of cancer.
Helen A. Jackman seat dedicated to her memory outside St. Andrew's Birkenhead, 3 March 2013

MURRAY, Rev  Hugh M.
Came as prob a good while before 1880.
Rep 1880: he hads been teaching for some time & resumed active service in the Ch 1879.
Ord Feilding MnP 20.5.1880 res l896
Died  1905

MURRAY, Miss  I.
Maori Miss
Matahi Assist 1.2.1944

MURRAY, Very Rev  Ian Graeme           M.A., B.D.
born Queenstown
wife Shirley Rose Dixon married 19 January 1957
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1955-1957
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 22 December 1957
Ordained St Andrews-St Davids, Rotorua 29 May 1958
Tokoroa, Waikato Presbytery, 11 February 1965
St Columba, Pakuranga Auckland Presbytery, 3 September 1970 — Retired 1987
Evangelism Co-ordinator, Mission Resource Team, Auckland, 22 February 1990
Moderator of the General Assembly 1994   
Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery 31 December 1998
Transitional Ministry Glendowie 10.1999-7.2000
Son of the Very Rev JS Murray

MURRAY, Rev Ivan Alexander    J.P., BTh., BTh(Pastoral)., DipGrad.(Hist), DipMin., DipCS, ANZIM
wife Noleen Leanor married 29 August 1959 industrial chaplain, Invermay
Otago Boys High School 1955; Diploma of Christian Studies 1989 Bible College Dunedin; Diploma of Ministry 1992 Knox Theological Hall; Bachelor of Theology 1991 Otago University; Diploma of Graduates 1993 Otago Unviversity
Manager, Air New Zealand for 35 years, early retirement due to redundancy, 1990
Church elder, and session clerk, East Taieri Church for 13 years, marriage celebrant and Justice of the Peace
Theological Hall 1991
Licensed Dunedin Presbytery 29 November 1992
Ordained Palmerston-Dunback, North Otago Presbytery, 14 February 1993
Moderator of Presbytery of North Otago
Minister Emeritus, Dunedin Presbytery, 9 April 2002
Stated Supply, Saddle Hill Parish April 2002 to November 2003

His intention to enter ministry first noted 1887.
Ross  WsP  student  1899
Riwaka  NMP  student 1900  -  no further mention.

Artisan Missionary - New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Appointed as temporary Carpenter to New Hebrides from 3 Sept 1952
Left for New Hebrides 15 Sept 1952
Rep 1954: he is a carpenters apprentice.
He returned to NZ 27 Mar 1954 to complete his training.

MURRAY, Rev John Graeme (Graeme)       BA., BD., Dip.Accounting (NZ), Dip.Sec&Admin(NZ)., Dip.CG&C.
wife Brenda Rosalie Hume  m 1.1.1966
Bachelor of Arts 1969 Auckland University; Bachelor of Divinity 1974 London University; Diploma of Guidance and Counselling 1981 Auckland University
Teacher, St Stephen's Moari Boys' School Bombay, competant in the Maori language
Licensed St James Pukekohe, South Auckland Presbytery, 11 March 1983
Ordained Pukekohe, Honorary Part-time Minister, South Auckland Presbytery, 13 April 1983; Honorary Associate
Minister 1985
South Auckland Health (Associate) Hospital Chaplain  South Auckland Presbytery, December 1997
Resigned from ministry 28 November 2005

MURRAY, Mr James Ross             B.Agr.Sc.
b 13.7.1909
w  Joyce May nee Hogg b 20.1.1913 m 16.12.1936 trained at Deaconess College c 1934
Sister Joyce was posted to Te Awamutu, returned to Dunedin to marry.
Missionary - trained at Massey University; offered his services to the Maori Missions
Te Whaiti Maori Boys Training Farm, app 1.1.1937, though official opening was
postponed until 9.1937 on account of infantile paralysis epidemic, which caused
closing of all schools. Master & Matron of Training Farm; resigned 1941 & withdrew.
Died 3 July 2003

MURRAY, Miss Jeanette R.                           Mrs D. Bruerton
b. Auckland
Educated at Takapuna Grammar School. Attended University also studying music.
Gained a Teachers “C” certificate
Missionary  -  Papua New Guinea – short term appointment from 1 Jan 1963
To All Saints College Sydney for short training course 1963
Teacher beginning 3 year term at Mailu PNG 7.1963
Appointed to District Education at Mailu
“Own Missionary” of St Alban’s Christchurch
Returned to NZ 11.3.1966 and off staff
Married Mr D. Bruerton 1966

MURRAY, The Very Rev. John Stewart           M.A. (NZ), M.A.(Cantab), ONZM.
born: 5 November 1929, into a pioneer Scottish settler family living in Dunedin, to Dr Stewart Murray, a GP, and Muriel, a nurse, whose family came to New Zealand in 1848 on the Philip Laing, one of the first ships to arrive in Otago, the youngest of four children, with three older sisters. Grandson of a World War I pacifist, a strong line in the paternal side of his family might be called "that Scottish doggedness" (Shirley Murray). "Presbyterians, but not a hot religious family"
wife: Shirley Erena Cockroft, of Invercargill, raised a Methodist, a hymn-writer, Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit 2001, Fellow of the Royal School of Church Music 2006, Fellow of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada 2009, honorary Doctor of Literature, Otago University 2009, born 31 March 1931 married 20 July 1954, at Cambridge, United Kingdom died 25 January 2020.
Educated at St Clair School, Kings High School, undertook MA studies at Otago University (first class Honours in Latin).
Theological Hall Dunedin (special student) 1952
Overseas for further study at Westminster Theological College, and King's College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Knew he was destined to become a preacher, "but also knew the Boss could wait"
To go with him, Shirley had to pay back her training college bond
Graduated MA Canterbury, 1954
Studied at Bossey Ecumenical Institute, Geneva, Switzerland, gaining a diploma of Ecumenical Studies.
Returned to New Zealand in the Southern Cross in 1956
Ordained St David's, Taihape, Wanganui Presbytery, 14 June 1956 - resigned 31 January 1962
First Ecumenical Chaplain to Victoria University & Wellington Teachers' College, 1 February 1962
Invited Lloyd Geering to deliver a sermon at the University which contributed to Geering's opponents talking about heresy, culminating at General Assembly 1967
Involved in the protest against the Vietnam War
Knox Church, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 30 November 1967
Co-founded CARE [Citizens for Racial Equality], Christchurch, leading protest against apartheid sport.
Worked with HART [Halt all Racial Tours] & involved with the New Zealand Race Relations Council.
Co-founded "BOYCOTT" to stop the All Blacks tour of South Africa 1985.
St Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, 20 February, 1975 to 1993
St Andrew's became a centre for social and political debate and action.
Founded the St Andrew's Music Trust & the St Andrew's Trust for Religion & Society.
Convener of the National Presbyterian Public Questions Committee.
With Barbara Goodman, Auckland, National Co-ordinator of REPEAL v. Abortion Law, which gathered more than 300 000 signatures to a petition against the 1977 Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act.
Involved with Amnesty International. A campaigner for the White Poppy to promote an inclusive and peace loving view of Anzac Day; and a supporter of the White Ribbon campaign to end men's violence against women.
Founder and Chairperson of the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust, promoting and publishing New Zealand Hymns and songs for all Churches.
Actively engaged in the fight to save Historic Buildings and sites including the Bolton Street Cemetery and 22 The Terrace.
A strong supported of the 1985 Homosexual Law Reform Bill.
Churchill Fellow, studying 'centre city churches' in Britian & North America, 1988
Co-founder & Chairperson of Te Kakano o te Aroha Marae Trust, Moera, Lower Hutt, 1988.
Moderator of The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 1990 and presided at the 150th anniversary celebrations.
Chairperson of the national co-ordinating World Court Project committee to outlaw nuclear weapons at the International Court of Justice.
Manager & Chief Editor of "Alleluia Aotearoa", the first book of NZ hymns for all NZ churches, 1993
Minister Emeritus 20 July 1993, retired from active Ministry and moved to Raumati (Kapiti Coast).
President of Frederic Wallis House, an ecumenical Retreat Centre in Lower Hutt
National co-convener of Abolition 2000 New Zealand movement to eliminate all nuclear weapons.
A World Church peace monitor for the first post apartheid democratic election in South Africa, 1994.
Published "Songs of Praise from Aotearoa", the first video of New Zealand Hymns, 1999; and published "Faith Forever Singing", 80 new New Zealand Hymns, 2000.
Awarded the ONZM (Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit) for service to the community, 2000.
Appointed member of the Race Relations Sector Advisory Group of the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, 2003.
Since 2000 has actively worked towards initiating local Kapiti Coast civic/community celebrations of Waitangi Day; led the campaign to restore access from Rosetta Road to Raumati Beach; supported a new library building at Paraparaumu; been part of an inter-Iwi group promoting better race relations between different local ethic groups; continued to co-ordinate the work of Amnesty International; part of a Kapiti Coast group who petioned Parliament in 2003 not to take NZ into the Gulf War; from 1993 tutored Kapiti U3A [University of the Third Age] on religious, political, and social affairs; founding Trustee of " Dignity New Zealand Trust" for law change on End-of-Life decisions [voluntary euthanasia]; honorary chaplain of the Kapiti Prostate Squadron.
He believed the church needed to speak into the social and political issues of the day - both within Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond. Not only to speak - but to act.
Died Friday, 17 February 2017,from cancer, aged 88 years old, in a hospice at Kapiti
Grandson of the Rev Charles Murray.

Meth Ch
Otautau Waiono Union  SP  1.2.1980 to 31.1.1985
Thames Union WkP 1.2.1993

MURRAY,  Very Rev. John Stanley (Stan)         M.A.
b 15.12.1903 
w Emma Wishart nee Polson b 11.11.1905 m 11.11.1930,  sister of Rev I.R. Polson
Theological Hall 1927-29
Ordained locum tenens Gisborne 20.12.1929
Ordained by Presbytery Commission in St Pauls Napier
Queenstown COP  4.12.1930
Kelburn WnP 4.10.1934
St Andrews Ashburton 18.6.1941
Overseas Missions Committee Secretary Auckland 8.2.1949 - retired 31.1.1969
He encouraged and assisted the great expansion of education in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
after WW2 for 12 yrs, then Don Duncan took over. Education was essential if self-government
was to be a success, and the Church saw that secondary education was made available through
Onesua High School.  Onesua was the first secondary school in the Island Group; its Headmaster
was Ian Gray.  They planned the school on wild land, 40 miles from the nearest town. The land
was was bush and had to be cleared.
Moderator of  the General Assembly  l963
“There has never been a finer hour in the Mission of our Church than this period (when Stan
was Secretary of Overseas Missions) when in every sphere of mission enterprise the tides of change
were flowing in: India, Hong Kong, Indonesia,Singapore, China, and Vanuatu; political, social,
educational and religious issues of the of the greatest importance were evolving and our Missionaries
were guiding, encouraging and inspiring those who were laying the foundations of the Asia and
Pacific of today. By his wise counsel and his frequent visits, sometimes at considerable personal
danger, Stan Murray exercised the true pastoral function of a bishop; and by his writing and speaking
enabled the Church at home to share in this great adventure.”(O.T. Baragwanath).
Father of the Very Rev IG Murray.
Died 2.4.1991

MURRAY, Rev John (Jack) Walter               M.A.,S.T.M.(Union)
b 16.4.1907 at Opotiki. 
w (1) Heather Jane b 15.9.1916 m 8.1.1944 d 4.1974
w (2) Suzanne Vernon b 23.12.1921 m 8.12.1976
Brought up on the family dairy farm at Opotiki. Studied at Auckland University where he completed an M.A. degree.
Served in the Fifth Field Ambulance during World War Two, being among the NZ forces evacuated from Crete.
Took up theology studies at New College Edinburgh, then at Union Theological
Seminary in New York USA, where he completed his S.T.M.
Licensed by Presbytery of Edinburgh at St. John’s Church, Tolbooth, Edinburgh 3.6.1947
Received by the Presb. Church of NZ as a probationer 1948
Ordained East Coast Bays NSP 3.7.1948  to  28.10.1932  
Lansdowne Masterton WpP 28.10.1953
Stratford TkP 15.10.1959 - resigned 23.12.1967
Chaplain John McGlashan College Dunedin  8.2.1968 - retired 30.11.1978
Assistant part-time Minister Mairangi & Castor Bays NSP 9.1979
Retired to Cheltenham Brach, Devonport.
“Jack often quoted his theology professor from Edinburgh, John Baillie,
to the effect that ‘At the heart of things there is that which is more like a
father’s loving heart than like anything else we know’. Jack’s three ‘As If’
sermons … positively reinterpreted Christian doctrines and statements as
symbols and metaphors for what was at the heart of things. All this was
done to help people make sense of their lives using Biblical and christian
symbolism. Jack was a ‘liberal’ in outlook, but at the same time he was
deeply attached to the Bible and Christian doctrine. This meant that he
was able to get on well with people whose views were very different
from his own. He was a profound thinker, who could help people both
inside and outside the church think about the meaning of their lives
and the significance of death. He felt very much part of nature, which
filled him with a sense of awe and wonder. He shared his spiritual quest
with many, as he searched for ever more the true ways of understanding
and interacting with the power of goodness that he believed was at the
heart of the universe.
Jack was a very caring, loving, hospitable man, with a great sense of
humour.” (from Obit.)  
Died 1999

MURRAY,  Sr Mary Isabel  (Sr  Isabel)           Mrs D. McCallum
b 22.9.1914 at Opotiki
h. Mac McCallum  m. 1958  d. 1970 (suddenly)
Completed her secondary education at Palmerston North Girls High School and qualified for teacher
training. However the depression years meant that she was required to continue working on the family
farm and later when two brothers were serving in the forces overseas during World War Two. During
this period she became involved in Sunday School and Bible Classes which were led by her Father
in their own home. 
Maori Mission - Waimana 1.4.1945
Attended Auckland Teachers College 1946 and after graduation taught at Taneatua. It was while
teaching there that she felt called to train as a Deaconess.    
Deaconess College, Dunedin 1946-48
Maori Mission - Matahi Mission School as Teacher 1.2.1949 – served here for 10 years
Ordained Deaconess 6.12.1949 - resigned 31.1.1956
After Matahi was absorbed into the State School System, she taught at Apanui School in
“After the death of her husband in 1970, Isabel continued to live at Ohope where the church was
her greatest love. For many years she led the Sunday School, became an Elder of the Whakatane
Parish, conducted worship services, as well as being involved in the Association of Presbyterian
Women (APW).
At Ohope she is remembered for her pastoral work and as a strong ambassador for the Christian
faith. She represented the parish on the National Council for Women for over 20 years and was
made a life member in 1991.
Her life can be summed up in the words of Micah chapter 6 verse 8 “What doth the Lord require of
thee but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”
(From Memorial Minute – edited)
Died 4 March 2006

MURRAY, Rev Peter McGregor
b 20.6.1869
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?) 
Formerly a Farmer, Policeman and accomodation house proprietor then entered the
Home Missionary service in 1916, did not take the HM course.
HM Terrace End, Palmerston North  1916
Palmerston North Outfields 1918; Ord HM 1920
Greytown WpP  1920
Frasertown GP  1920
Apiti WgP  1925
Mangaweka - Rewa WgP  1930
Manawatu South (Shannon MnP)  1937 -  retired 31.1.1940
Died  24.8.1955 Palmerston North

MURRAY, Rev Robert (Bob) William                 O.B.E., B.A.(Otago)
b 5.7.1912 Dunedin; 
w Jessie Bernice Sauer b 1.4.1913 Daughter of a farmer, Waimate m 5.1.1939. Jessie wanted to
do general nursing, she was refused due to tuberculosis in the family and did TB training instead.
She moved to Timaru while Bob was a Chaplain to Military Forces and had to find accomodation
and a job on her own. Jessie completed a maternity nursing course at Timaru hospital while
caring for their first daughter, and 18 months nursing at Waipiata Sanatorium.
Bob educated at Lovell’s Flat Primary School, South Otago High School and Otago University
where he gained his B.A. degree.
Theological Hall  l934-36
Ordained Patearoa-Waipiata COP 11.2.1937 -  resigned  31.3.1942
Appointed Chaplain to Military Forces 1.4.1942 - served in NZ, New Caledonia & the Solomon
Clevedon SAP 21.12.1944 - resigned 1947
Missionary New Hebrides (Vanuatu) Appointed 7 April 1947 - left NZ 29.3.1947
Appointed to Tongoa, in place of Rev J.G. Miller 5.5.1947 with responsibility also for Tongariki
and Buninga. Responsible for assisting in conduct of Sunday Services, weekly prayer meetings,
fortnightly Christian Endeavour meetings, supervision of village schools and the district school at
Tongoa, (including teaching of staff). Also instructs and trains Elders, Teachers and Deaconesses
As well as carrying out extensive medical work.
Furlough to NZ 1949. Family returned to Tongoa 1950.
1 year sabbatical in NZ - deputation. Jessie updated her knowledge Queen Mary Maternal Hospital,
Dunedin 1957
Nguna & North Efate 1957, in place of Rev K. Crump; to School of Linguistics Australia Jan to Mar 1957;
became fluent in Ngunese; encouraged local people to build Silimauri Health Centre, and to invite NZ
Church to send a Nursing Sister, many villages encouraged to build new Churches. A member of the
Onesua High School Council and acted as Secretary for nine years. Encourgaged continuing interest
in education and the opening of the Ulei Primary School.  
Rev Murray shared fully in the development of the newly inaugurated Presbyterian Church of the New
Hebrides, served on a number of its committees, and was actively involved in the work of the Central
Islands Presbytery. Moderator of Assembly New Hebrides Church 1951
He translated the Bible into the Nguna & Tongoa language, ‘Tusi Tapu’ completed 1971 and
available 1972.
Took a keen interested in ecumenical matters and was instrumental in having a unique joint Protestant
And Catholic worship centre built at Forari.
Member of the Advisory Council of the New Hebrides, and because of his fluency in the French
Language, his advice was often sought by the Reisdent Commissioners. Took an active part in
Various community activities in Vila, including being a member of the Vila Cricket Club in which he
encouraged young New Hebrideans to play. 
Awarded an OBE by the Queen in 1969 for his service to the people of the New Hebrides.
Retired from overseas Missions service 31.3.1972
Stayed on in the New Hebrides and took up secular employment in Vila. Member of the Port Vila
Community Council, the Vila Kirk Session, the Port Vila Kiwanas Club, and as a result of his
encouragement the Murray Hostel was built in Vila for young people coming to Vila from other parts
of the islands.
Jessie worked as PA to the manager of Burns Philp for 5-6 years – a job she really enjoyed. She was
very active in Red Cross and church work. She was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for her
services to the country.
Bob finally returned to Havelock North NZ in July 1978, after a service of 31 years in Vanuatu.
Off  Mission Staff 31.3.1972
Bob died 16.8.1979 suddenly at his home in  Havelock North after having just returned from a holiday
visit back to Vanuatu.
Jessie was St Columba's Church Secretary for Michael Thawley, and Hawkes Bay Presbytery Clerk until
c 1997
She went into Kirkpatrick House and Duart Elder Care Centre 16 July 2005, died 29 August 2013.
The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu passed a memorial minute for the life of
Jessie Bernice Murray and the missionary work with Rev. Bob Murray on Tongoa and Nguna from 1947-
1972, dated 11 September 2014.

MURRAY, Rev Wallace Bruce
wife Marilyn Frances  married 27 January 1968
Theological Hall, 1968-1970
Ordained Merrivale-Waiau, Southland Presbytery,  4 February 1971
West Harbour United, Dunedin Presbytery 1 December 1977
Halkett (Kirwee Christchurch Presbytery)  3 June 1982
St Lukes Union, Nelson,  9 June 1989
Minister Emeritus,  June 1999, in Nelson
died 22 September 2020

MURRAY, Rev William Tullibardine
Formerly a Teacher
HM Hanmer ChP  1915
Ordained Home Missionary 1917
Normanby TkP  4.1919
Died early l923, lost his life while climbing Mt Egmont

MURRIHY, Rev Sebastian (Seb)
wife Jessica, primary school teacher
Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology, Laidlaw College, 2013
Associate Pastor, East Taieri Church (four years)
Intern, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership
Graduation, First Church, Dunedin, 4 December 2019
Licensed, East Taieri Church, Southern Presbytery, 5 December 2019
Ordained Knox Waitara, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 19 December 2019 — (half-time) August 2023
Minister Waitara – Knox Presbyterian Church and Lecturer/Ministry Formation Coordinator, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 7 August 2023
"I suggest that the role of the pastor is to help people to be attentive to God's presence in the currents of human life" Pastor as Poet in the Time of Pandemic 2021

MUSHET, Rev Alvin Mulford              B.A.
b 24.2.1934 Wellington
w Margaret Helen b 3.5.1939 m 14.1.1961 d 14.6.1994
Educated at Scots College Wellington and Victoria University Wellington.
Theological Hall  1957-59
Ordained Greytown WpP  4.2.1960
Army Chaplain Burnham  20.8.1964
Army Chaplain Malaya  1968-9
Army Chaplain Waiouru   1971
Army Chaplain Papakura  14.12.1974
Principal Army Chaplain 1977
Army Chaplain, Army Command Wellington  14.2.1978  - discharged 1980
St Stephens-St Aidans Lower Hutt WnP  SS 7.1980
Inducted Associate Minister  19.2.1981
Son of Mr L.B. Mushet below.
Died 27.7.1981 Lower Hutt in office, aged 47

MUSHET, Mr Lancelot Buchanan  (Lance)            F.R.A.N.Z.
In Health Dept; joined the Presbyterian Church Office 1.1926
General Treasurer of the Presbyterian Church of NZ  Appointed 4.7.1941
He did much work in furthering the New Life Movement
‘was a stirring and inspired leader.’
Father of Rev A.M. Mushet above
Died 23.12.1955 in office.

Methodist Church of New Zealand
born Shurugwi, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean
Ordained Methodist Church of Zimbabwe
Master of Theology, Otago University
Minster Inglewood United Church, Taranaki Presbytery, 22 January 2009 to 2013

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