Church Property Trustees

About the Church Property Trustees

The Church Property Trustees have custodial responsibility for many of the Church’s assets. All property is held on behalf of parishes in the name of the Trustees and the Trustees manage the major funds of the Church in particular the Presbyterian Investment Fund and the ministers' Beneficiary Fund.

The Trustees are appointed and report to the General Assembly. The Trustees’ responsibilities are defined by a private act of parliament called the Presbyterian Church Property Act 1885 and also trust law. All monies are held in trust and managed in such a way to serve the interests of the Church.

Read the Chairman's Report for 2016.

Church Property Trustees - Operational Accounts Performance Report 30 June 2016

Any enquiries regarding Trustee activities should be directed to either:

Kos van Lier, Executive Officer, Church Property Trustees (phone 04 381 8296 or email


Pat Griffin, Administrative Secretary, Church Property Trustees (phone 04 381 8290, email

The Trustees’ postal address is PO Box 9049, Wellington 6141.

Church Property Trustees material does not apply to presbyteries and parishes in Otago and Southland, who should contact the Synod of Otago and Southland.

Policy on Earthquake prone buildings (updated 9 September 2015)

Download here the Presbyterian Church Property Trustees Policy on Earthquake prone Church buildings.

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Inc
Assessment and Retrofit of Earthquake Prone Buildings – A Guide for Building Owners


For information on property insurance click here


The Trustees have responsibility for managing the assets associated with a large number of individual trusts including two farms. Decisions on trust distributions are shared between many different parts of the Church. Any enquiries regarding individual trusts should initially be directed to Pat Griffin, Administrative Secretary.

Trustees' Newsletters

The Church Property Trustees publish occasional newsletters with information of interest to parishes and to presbyteries.

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