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CWS Rohingya Refugee Appeal

PCANZ’s Global Mission encourages your support for the CWS Rohingya Refugee Appeal. The PCANZ has a mission partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar, called the Ricebowl Mission. Through this partnership, awareness of, and support for, the people of Myanmar has grown and become widespread throughout the PCANZ. The situation of the Rohingya people in Myanmar is a humanitarian crisis resulting from decades of struggle in the complex web of Myanmar's multi-ethnic, multi-religious society, exacerbated by years of brutal military rule. The members of the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar are almost exclusively of the Chin ethnic group, one of many ethnic minorities within this country. Due to the nature of social and political life in Myanmar, they will largely have little awareness of, and no involvement in the Rohingya crisis which is taking place in a remote area of Myanmar called the Rakhine State, near the Bangladesh border. This crisis is still unfolding but it is clear the Rohingya people need the involvement of the international community. Find out more and donate to the CWS appeal here.

Ricebowl Mission Brochure

Download the Ricebowl Mission Brochure here

Rice Bowl Mission is the name of our mission between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar.

Going Global Myanmar 2017

Going Global is a programme of Global Mission and Presbyterian Youth Ministries, providing young adults from the PCANZ and Cooperating congregations to share in a cultural experience with a partner church. A Going Global programme will take place in Myanmar in November/December 2017. 

Here are some of the ways you can work with us

Come Connect

Annual trips to Myanmar enable us to experience first-hand the value of being in relationship with one another. It is through the building of friendships that our monetary gifts for projects can be put to good use.

To express an interest in being a part of a team travelling to Myanmar e-mail:

Give to the Rice Bowl Fund

The Rice Bowl Fund provides finances and resources for:

  • Development projects
  • Income generating projects
  • Scholarships and training
  • Supporting local mission
  • Giving monetary gifts for Disaster Relief in times of devastation

You can do this by donating to the Rice Bowl Fund


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