Special papers

Voice to the Voiceless statement

International Rural Churches Association statement of the 2014 IRCA 5TH QUADRENNIAL CONFERENCE held in LILONGWE, MALAWI, July 28 – August 1, 2014. Read or download the statement.

Cain and Abel: Raising today's issues

This study began as regular work within a local church and its community. It took its first form in Sunday worship. Worship is where each week our lives and work are brought into intentional interaction with our faith and with the Bible text that feeds our faith. Read the full study

What's the future of family farming?

There seems to be an uncharted future for living and livelihood from the land in Aotearoa New Zealand. Read the study here

Farm succession

Families sometimes experience communication difficulties. When farm families do so, it impacts on their business. Read the full study

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