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Monday 12 June 2017

The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) invites applications from young Christians belonging to the Presbyterian and other members churches in Asia to serve as stewards for the Asia Mission Conference (AMC) to be held in Yangon, Myanmar from 11 to 17 October 2017.

The stewards program will last for 10 days, including three days of ecumenical formation training and pre-AMC orientation; with arrival on 8 October and departure on 17 October 2017.

An opportunity to serve as a steward in a major Asian ecumenical event with historical significance is a unique experience. It will...

Friday 26 May 2017

The Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership is inviting applications for the next round of Ministers’ Life-Long Learning Grants (previously known as Ministers’ Study Grants). The application form and guidelines can be obtained by emailing Applications close on 1 August 2017

Thursday 25 May 2017

Where is home for you?

Perhaps I should better ask what is home for you, for home may not be a place; it may be people, a period of your life, a role or even a poem.

Words have great power to evoke our deepest needs and desires as is the case with the Psalms. This notion of “home” means it is one of those words which evoke much longing in us.

For me, when I think of home, I immediately go to memories not of the place I grew up, but of my grandparents’ orchard in the North Island which we visited for several weeks every summer at Christmas. So...

Monday 22 May 2017

The May 2017 newsletter features Global Mission Coordinator Rev Phil King's March 2017 visit to Myanmar with Presbyterian's Wayne and Rev Helen Harray to meet with members of the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar: We were able to see many of the recent projects that have been funded by...

Friday 19 May 2017

Church leaders including Moderator, the Rt Rev Richard Dawson, recently met with the Prime Minister Bill English and Government ministers to ask for more action in the areas of immigration, housing and social investment.

The church leaders told the Prime Minister, “An insufficient supply of safe and affordable housing in New Zealand is contributing to a level of poverty that is fracturing the wellbeing of people and communities and hindering the educational progress of our children.

“Ensuring everyone has access to affordable housing is perhaps the most important...

Wednesday 17 May 2017

In the ...

Friday 12 May 2017

The Interchurch Bioethics Council, draws our attention to analysis of submissions by the Care Alliance into the issue of physician assisted dying. Read a summary of the analysis

Read the ICBC's January 2016 submission, made to the the Health Select Committee who were investigating public opinion on end of life issues.

A study...

Thursday 27 April 2017

Currently more people face famine today than at any time in modern history. Globally more than 20 million people are at risk of starvation, while millions more suffer from drought and food shortages, say the World Council of Churches in its letter to member churches, including the Presbyterian Church.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) and the All Africa Conference of Churches, along with church-related networks and organisations and partners, are promoting Sunday, 21 May 2017 to be observed as a “Global Day of Prayer to End Famine” in faith congregations worldwide....

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Presbyterian Church Moderator, the  Rt Rev Richard Dawson has posted on his Moderator blog about flooding in the town of Edgecumbe and the help that will be required.

“On behalf of our friends in the Whakatane parish and their minister Rev Chris Barnard I draw your attention to the needs of the communities who have been badly affected by the floods of last week…While there are a number of appeals for those affected by the floods, the Whakatane parish are also working hand-in-hand with other churches to help in...

Friday 07 April 2017

Engage with the World: Easter Hope.

I read a good quote the other day. It goes: ”Everything good is uphill”. It’s true in my experience. No matter what we do, the good stuff costs. It costs time, it costs energy, it costs all the other things that we could be doing which may be more enjoyable for us. Easter is perhaps the ultimate demonstration of the truth of the saying. The very best thing in the universe cost the life of the very best person – Jesus Christ, the son of God.

There’s a kind of “cargo-cult” around the...


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